Abbe Udochi

"I founded this practice to make healthcare options easier to find and understand, and to simplify navigation for the aging and their family of caregivers."

Abbe Udochi
CEO & Care Manager
Concierge Healthcare Consulting

I was 9 years old and living in central New Jersey during the winter of 1978 when a catastrophic blizzard hit the entire Eastern Seaboard.  For three days in early February, we were battered by high winds as 2 feet of snow fell steadily – the most my young eyes had ever seen.  A solid layer of ice coated everything. With school canceled for days, my older sister and I donned parkas and mittens and did our best to build snowmen in the backyard while my father tried to break slabs of ice and shovel out the cars and driveway.

Learn more as Westfair Business Journal eldercare columnist Abbe Udochi shares her story and tips to help older adults and their families prepare for frostier days.

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Photo courtesy of Westfair Business Journal.

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