Abbe Udochi

"I founded this practice to make healthcare options easier to find and understand, and to simplify navigation for the aging and their family of caregivers."

Abbe Udochi
CEO & Care Manager
Concierge Healthcare Consulting

My siblings and I call my 81-year-old father “Pop.” My cousins call him “Uncle Ben.”  By any name, he is a fortunate octogenarian. While still in his 70s, he spent nine months of a year in three different hospitals and one short-term rehabilitation center following major abdominal surgery. While the surgery saved his life, it was his time in an acute in-patient rehabilitation facility in Mount Vernon that set him on the path to recovery.

Learn more as Westfair Business Journal eldercare columnist Abbe Udochi shares her story and tips for a successful short-term rehab stay for aging loved ones.

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Photo courtesy of Westfair Business Journal.

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