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"I founded this practice to make healthcare options easier to find and understand, and to simplify navigation for the aging and their family of caregivers."

Abbe Udochi
CEO & Care Manager
Concierge Healthcare Consulting

You may be asking yourself, “Is advance eldercare planning really necessary?”  We already plan for so many things:

  • Money
  • Home
  • Education
  • Career
  • Retirement
  • Travel

Isn’t this enough?

Advance eldercare planning is a process that organizes ones wants and needs for long-term health and personal care, into a strategy.   There is great value in knowing what steps you will take when a health emergency occurs, for you or an aging loved one.

Advance eldercare planning will help to answer key questions like:

  • What are the health/personal care issues and how will they be managed?
  • Where should one receive care?
  • Where is the safest place to live?
  • What family members and/or friends will be involved in care decisions?
  • What professionals will be needed to support the plan (Finance, Legal, Care Management)?
  • How will care be financed?

Some may wait until a health crisis strikes before answering these questions.  While it is never too late to plan, there are advantages to answering these questions before a crisis occurs.

I recommend the following steps to building a solid advance eldercare strategy:

  1. Build a team
  2. Have ‘the talk’ with the loved who will need care
  3. Assess your needs
  4. Make a plan
  5. Take action

Remember, it is never too late to begin.  While planning during or following a crisis poses risks, it is better than no planning at all.

You are not alone.  A professional like a geriatric care manager/aging life professional can be of great help when engaging in this kind of planning.

If you want to develop an advance eldercare plan and get your ducks in row, schedule an appointment or call.  I am here to help.

Please contact Concierge Healthcare Consulting for a complimentary consultation.

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